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New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and you can already feel your motivation to work out waning. Sure, you swore on your celebratory champagne that you’d work off that holiday weight and stick with your fitness goals this time, but you feel more than a little unenthused now that the holiday cheer has well and truly worn off. Last month, I offered a few ideas on how to set realistic New Year’s fitness resolutions. This month, I’ll provide a few tips on how to stick with the plans you made and finally deliver on the goals you set at the turn of the year. Remember, a little dedication can go a long way towards looking and feeling great!


Keep a Fitness Journal

It may seem odd to keep a journal specifically for your workouts, but doing so really will keep you motivated! Jot down a note or two after every workout about what you did, how you feel, and notes on any progress you’ve made towards your goals. The latter might include details such as weight lifted, miles run, pounds lost, and so on. If you feel particularly engaged in journaling, consider periodically taking a photo of yourself – sometimes, seeing the visible progress you’ve made can keep your spirits and motivation high!


Challenge Yourself to the Unconventional

Stepping onto an elliptical for a half hour twice a week gets boring. Keep yourself motivated and engaged in your fitness journey by trying a new and difficult activity such as crossfit, MMA fighting, or rock climbing. Engaging in high-powered or rigorous activities will not only aid in your physical development, but will also inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore your fitness interests.


Sign Up for a Competition

Who isn’t a little competitive? Keep yourself accountable by signing up for a competition or event that you can’t easily weasel out of. Knowing that you have a fitness test looming on the horizon will ensure that you have a concrete reason to improve your physical capabilities within a set period of time. Ideally, the fitness habits you establish in preparation for a competition will stick around even after the event itself concludes.


Find a Workout Buddy

It’s easy to skip a workout when the only one who knows you had one planned is yourself. Find a workout buddy or create a fitness group to keep yourself engaged and accountable. Creating a community can do wonders for your motivation – after all, no one wants to hold up the group’s morning run so that they can sleep in!