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Now is the time that people start getting their fitness resolutions prepared. New Years is just around the corner, and everyone is planning ways to get the body that they have always wanted. However, simply wanting something badly enough is not a way to achieve a goal. Creating a goal based system is the best way to ensure success. Fortunately, here are some fitness goals for 2019 that will help you get into the best shape of your life.

Running a Marathon
While running every day can be healthy for you, training to participate in a marathon can really kick your fitness routine into overdrive. The amount of training that you have to perform in order to compete in a marathon is much more than what you would do if you were running casually. Be on the lookout for upcoming marathon events in 2019 and do your part by beginning your training program now.

Drink More Water
Water is such an incredibly important component of our body. It helps regulate our organs, nourishes our body when we need rest and allows us to think clearly. However, many people do not get enough water in their diet throughout the day. Water is also crucial for weight loss and needs to be consumed more if you plan to start an exercise routine. Make sure you’re getting eight glasses of water a day for optimal results.

Complete a Fitness Class
Have you been eyeing a fitness class that you have been too shy to take? Now is the time to get over your fears and accomplish your goals! Take a look at all the local fitness classes that might correlate to the activity that you have been eyeing. Group sessions are great because they are incredibly supportive of new members.

Working Out in The Morning
There’s nothing like a refreshing morning work-out routine. There are many benefits to reap from doing this as well. You will feel more energized throughout the day and will have the focus to accomplish your tasks. However, many people struggle with getting up early enough to do this. Start going to bed earlier so you can get your morning workout in. This will be the jump-start to your fitness plan that you need!