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We all know that exercise is good for our bodies and our mental health. But sometimes, that knowledge isn’t enough to actually get you off the couch and into the gym. It can be hard to motivate yourself to lace up your sneakers and stick to a regular exercise regime. If you’ve been wanting to start exercising but are struggling to get there, use these four tips to help you finally find the motivation you’ve been looking for.


Find a buddy

Finding a gym partner will make it much easier to get yourself to the gym. You have someone else who is counting on you to show up, plus their company will help make the time spent at the gym more enjoyable as you have a companion to chat with. Make sure you choose a partner that you enjoy spending time with and someone who will push you towards your goals.


Join a gym you like

If you enjoy swimming, join a pool that has a pool. If you enjoy going to fitness classes, find a gym that offers those classes. While these memberships may be more expensive than a bare-bones gym, you’ll go more if you enjoy the workout you’re getting. You want a gym that you feel comfortable and accepted in so you can make it a place you want to spend time at.


Switch-up your routine

Going to the gym and doing the same routine time after time would make anyone unmotivated to go to the gym. Try doing the same exercises but in a different order, or swap one exercise with a comparable alternative. If you usually do bench presses, try doing them on an incline instead of a flat bench. Your body will thank you too; new workouts will target different muscle groups, which may help you see more progress.


Track your progress

Not seeing any progress easily kills off what motivation you did have to go to the gym. If all the exercise isn’t paying off, then what’s the point? Most likely, you are making progress, but it happens slowly enough that you don’t notice it. After the gym, write down your workouts, your weight and the goal you’re working towards in a journal or on your phone. Having a record will help you to see how your endurance and strength has increased and the weight you’ve lost.