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Most of us don’t think about consulting a book about fitness or health when setting goals. However, there are plenty of resources that can help us reach our goals, and these are often very helpful.

Regardless of the topic, fitness books should be written by experts who have the necessary credentials and experience to help you achieve your goals. You should also check the author’s background and experience to see if the material aligns with your objectives. We thoroughly reviewed these books to see if they backed up their claims. 

The Fitness Mindset

Brian Keane’s Everything You Need to Know to Live a More Active Life is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their health and become more energetic. He will help you develop a healthy lifestyle and stick to your goals. Keane is available to help you modify your diet, increase your gym time, or improve your energy levels. This is a great pick for anyone who is interested in improving their health and becoming more active. 

The One-Minute Workout

Most of us have a hard time making the most of a workout because it’s only sometimes feasible to commit to working out at all. Martin Gibala, a kinesiologist, explains how to overcome this issue in his book The One-Minute Workout. In his book, Martin explains how to improve your fitness in just minutes by implementing eight basic interval-based workouts and four micro-focused workouts.

Ready to Run

Kelly Starrett’s Ready to Run is an ideal read for people who are already running regularly and those who want to improve their fitness even further. The author, a physiotherapist and coach provides a variety of effective strategies to help runners tackle common obstacles such as injury prevention and improper training. In addition to providing a variety of effective strategies, Starrett also explains how to improve your running technique and avoid injury.

Good to Go

Although working out is a major component of a healthy lifestyle, rest and recovery are also important. In her book, Christie Aschwande explores the various aspects of recovery and how it can be done properly. In her book, Aschwande shares her knowledge on various recovery methods and helps you identify which ones are ideal for your routine.

No Sweat

The title of No Sweat refers to staying motivated while exercising. In her book, Michelle Segar, a motivational scientist, provides a comprehensive overview of the various studies that have been conducted on the subject. In her book, Segar also compiles a four-point program that you can use to improve your fitness.