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Newcomers to the gym might find the idea of using free weights to train as off-putting for several reasons that are all understandable. The general perception of free weights having an increased risk when compared to machine weights is one such reason. The area of the free weights can also intimidate those less experienced. Overcome the barriers and make use of free weights by following a few tips.

Ask for Assistance
A trainer will make things safer and lend confidence to those tackling free weights for the first time. Trainers offer guidance and show newcomers the ropes without making them feel embarrassed about it. They also ensure that exercises are being performed correctly.

Focus on Movement Patterns
The goal may be building muscle or improving performance in sports, but beginners in both purposes alike need to focus on programming muscle memory. Correct movement patterns will emphasize the parts of the body to be built up while minimizing the risk of injury or strain. The goal is to attain higher efficiency at the movements of free weights exercise, utilizing a full range of controlled motion.

Follow Gym Etiquette
People new to the gym are often afraid of being judged by those who are more experienced with the weights and exercises. The truth is, people are not going to judge based on physique or amount of weight being lifted. Instead, they are going to judge newcomers based on safety, awareness of surroundings, or taking up more space than required. They will also pass judgment on those who commit the cardinal sin: not putting away weights. Follow the common courtesy manners of a gym and find friends among the regulars.

Remember Key Free Weight Facts
Pumping iron comes with some truths everyone should remember. First, the muscles do not get stronger during the workouts, but rather strengthen as they rebuild during rest periods afterward. At least one rest day must exist between workout days for each muscle group. Next, start with weights that you can handle with relative ease. Focus on the number of repetitions that can be performed using the proper technique. Finally, remember that the larger muscle groups are capable of lifting greater weight than smaller groups; not all exercises use the same dumbbell size.