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Although most people think of water aerobics as a type of exercise requiring a lot of skill, it’s actually a low-impact aerobic workout ideal for everyone. According to Dani Schenone, a certified personal trainer and holistic wellness specialist, water aerobics is an excellent exercise for everyone, regardless of their ability.

For Schenone, the keyword in water aerobics is “aerobic.” According to her, this type of exercise promotes cardiovascular health and is commonly led by a trained instructor.

Besides being aerobic, water aerobics also involves low-impact water exercise. This type of exercise is ideal for people who are looking to improve their core and endurance. According to Schenone, most water aerobics classes are about 60 minutes long.


Great for All Ages

Although it’s commonly associated with the elderly, Schenone says that water aerobics is also a great choice for people of all fitness levels. Not only is it an effective exercise for people who are looking to improve their cardiovascular health, but it can also be used for people who have been injured on land or prefer lower-impact exercises. If you’ve never tried water aerobics, then don’t think that you’re too advanced, says Schenone. She encourages people to give it a try.


Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility

According to Schenone and other experts, water aerobics helps lower stress levels and improve the quality of life for people by reducing the strain on their joints and muscles. It also helps circulate blood and keep one cool. Because of this, those who tend to overheat or have a compromised range of motion are most likely to enjoy this type of exercise.

People can expand their reach by doing water aerobics, which targets various muscle groups, says Schenone, adding that it also helps build strength and endurance. Because of how it uses water to reduce gravity, it’s easier to incorporate multiple muscle groups at the same time.


Indoors or Outdoors

Although there are many local pools that have water aerobics classes, Schenone suggests that people practice at home or indoors. She also says that people can create their own routines by using the Mindbody app.