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Spin classes have become hugely popular in gyms and, thanks to online services, even in homes. Whether you are considering buying the latest home spinning equipment or just wondering whether to join a spin class at your gym, here are four great benefits of spinning.

  1. A tremendous full-body aerobic workout that is easy on joints

You may think that spinning only works your legs, but that is not the case. Spinning is also great for core development as well as providing a total cardiovascular workout. Spinning is also far easier on knee and ankle joints than most other types of aerobic activities, which means you can increase the intensity without putting additional strain on knees and ankles. That being said, spinning also helps to build critical muscles around those joints, which helps support the joints, making it more difficult to sustain injuries.

  1. Provides an excellent group workout

From yoga classes to step classes to kickboxing classes, working out with a group provides an additional level of motivation, you often can’t get on your own. Unlike other types of classes, however, that may make you feel like you have to keep up with the group, spin classes make it much easier to adjust your workout to your individual fitness level without anyone else having to know what that is.

  1. Great music and instructors make it hard but fun

The truth is, most people don’t particularly like working out. We all like the results of working out but not necessarily the workout itself. Great music, great fellow spinners, and a great instructor can make the time fly by and make you forget you are even working out. No matter your musical tastes, from EDM to golden oldies, there is probably a spin class just right for you.

  1. You also don’t have to take a class

Not everyone enjoys working out in a group, nor do they want someone else setting the pace or telling them what to do. If you are more a person that would enjoy a solitary ride in the woods, you can do that as well. Many spin cycles have video monitors that allow you to feel like you are riding through a solitary, sunlit forest or even across rugged terrain all by your lonesome.