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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Exercise

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Exercise

Regular exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. But, like with anything, it is possible to over-do it and exercise too much, forming an unhealthy relationship with exercise. If you’re worried that you’re starting to go down that path, adjust your mindset in these four ways to build a healthier relationship with the gym.


Allow yourself flexibility

There’s nothing wrong with having a plan for exercise and trying your best to stick to your schedule. However, things happen, and it won’t always be possible for you to do a workout. This is okay. One missed day isn’t going to throw off your whole routine. Allow yourself the flexibility to miss a workout and don’t beat yourself up over it. Before every workout, you should ask yourself, “what do I need from this time?” Sometimes, what you need is what you planned. Other times, it will be completely different, and it may simply be rest.


Don’t exercise to eat

You shouldn’t be pushing yourself at the gym so that you can go home and stuff your face with junk food. Instead, you should view food as fuel that helps your body perform and be strong. You shouldn’t be exercising so that you can eat a huge meal. Instead, you should be eating to be able to exercise. This doesn’t mean you have to eat a completely healthy diet all of the time and restrict yourself of foods you love. You should have a healthy balance between healthy and junk food.


Don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion

You shouldn’t be coming home from the gym every night to the point where you need to immediately go to sleep because you’re so exhausted. You shouldn’t be so sore that you’re limping around your house for days. You should be able to tell the difference a good burn and genuine pain. You should still have the energy after the gym to go about your day, whether it’s grocery shopping, doing laundry or grabbing dinner with friends.


Don’t fixate on the physical

Many people attend the gym because they want to be happier with their appearance. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, once you begin to obsess over it is when it becomes an issue. You should be exercising not only because of how you look but also because of how it makes you feel. Leaving the gym should leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. You shouldn’t feel guilty because you still haven’t lost those five pounds or because you don’t have a six-pack. Notice the non-appearance benefits that exercising has given you, like the fact that you’re able to climb a few flights of stairs without running out of breath or that you know have the strength to rearrange your furniture on your own.

How to Feel More Confident in the Gym

How to Feel More Confident in the Gym

Going to the gym is beneficial for all areas of the body, but for those who are new to the gym scene, it might be uncomfortable at first. Fortunately, there are some tricks to keep in mind to squash the nerves while getting in shape. Many people have to build their confidence when they first go to a gym because they might not want other people to look at them while they are using the equipment or while they’re wearing certain types of clothing. After going to the gym a few times, it becomes easier to get on the bikes, the treadmills, and the other exercise equipment to make a change for the future.


Walk around the gym while listening to a song, taking notes about the areas that are busier than others. Write down the different types of equipment available and whether there are people to offer assistance with how to use them. Make a workout plan that includes the exercises that will be completed each week.


A gentle walk on the treadmill or a relaxing mile on an exercise bike can provide a basis for a cardio routine while giving an opportunity to view the gym. Pay attention to what other people are doing and if there are people who visit the gym each week at the same time. These are people who can offer assistance and encouragement to stay on top of exercising and going to the gym.


Part of the battle of feeling confident in the gym is the overall appearance. Invest in new clothes for exercising as well as a good pair of shoes that will offer the support needed for the feet while walking, biking, running, or performing other exercises.


Slow down while at the gym instead of trying to get from one machine to another quickly. Most people take their time to complete repetitions the correct way, even if it takes a while to get the routine complete. Chat with some of the other people in the gym, or make a plan of action as to which machine to use next. A different way to feel confident in the gym is to wear headphones but without any music. Other people in the gym will tend to stay away while the lack of music allows for being able to hear what the trainers are saying or what other people are saying if they do come around.


About Robert J. Winn

Robert J. Winn is a family physician based in Collingswood, NJ. For over fifteen years Dr. Winn has worked to provide care to vulnerable populations that face barriers to healthcare access. As a medical professional, Dr. Winn understands how important fitness is to one’s health. On a personal level, he also understands what it’s like to be overweight, so he is able to empathize with patients who struggle to live healthier lives.

Robert J. Winn’s fitness journey started relatively later in life. Although he helped other people become healthy and stay that way, Dr. Winn had fallen victim to a situation that many busy professionals find themselves in. At age 45 he was overweight and didn’t make time for daily exercise. Toward the end of 2014, Dr. Winn realized that something had to change. He had trouble fitting into the clothes he owned, and activities like walking up a flight of stairs exhausted him. Dr. Winn made the decision to turn his health around by devoting himself to fitness.

One of the most important aspects of being a physician is making sure that patients are taking the necessary steps to remain healthy. However, Dr. Winn was not following his own recommendations. In order to remedy this situation, he joined Unite Fitness, a local fitness studio. The Unite Fitness philosophy of “Heart, Muscle, Mind” resonated with Dr. Winn. With the help of Coach Gavin, the founder of the studio, Dr. Winn was able to shed 50 pounds over the course of six months.

Although Robert J. Winn started his fitness journey by attending a fitness studio and receiving instruction from the staff, he realizes that many people, including the majority of his patients, may not have the resources to purchase a membership or home fitness equipment. It’s important to remember, though, that getting in shape does not have to cost an exorbitant amount of money. In fact, you don’t have to join a gym or purchase anything to get started. Dr. Robert J. Winn recommends that patients begin by walking 30 minutes each day. Also, on the internet, you can find numerous free resources like exercise tips and guides that you can use to workout at home in your living room.

One way that Dr. Winn stayed motivated in the beginning of his fitness journey was by sharing updates on social media. His friends and family saw his progress and encouraged him along the way. Plus, patients were able to witness the transformation take place firsthand. As a result, many patients were inspired to get in shape themselves. Sharing his fitness journey on social media also encouraged Dr. Winn to work harder to lose weight because he didn’t want to let his patients down. He wanted to show them that it was possible for anyone to get in shape and become healthier as long as they are dedicated and work hard.

Being overweight leads to many health issues such as depression, high cholesterol, and diabetes just to name a few. Exercising on a daily basis can prevent or eliminate these types of difficulties. Dr. Robert J. Winn uses his personal fitness journey as an example that patients can relate to. Today he feels stronger, healthier, and happier as a result of his active lifestyle and healthy diet. He continues to encourage his patients to take small fitness steps so that they can live life to the fullest with fewer health issues holding them back.

To help keep others healthy, Robert J Winn just opened Real Wellness, LLC, a private family medicine practice that’s located in Collingswood, New Jersey. Real Wellness is not a typical doctor’s office. Winn’s practice treats the patient, instead of just whatever issue they’re having. At the patient-centered practice, all appointments last for at least 30 minutes in order for Dr. Winn to get to know each patient and their background so he can provide the best possible care. Many practices are too focused on how many paitents they get that they don’t provide quality care. Robert J Winn focuses solely on the quality of care he gives every patient, which is what makes him so successful as a physician.