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Who doesn’t love fall? It’s the season of sweaters and cider; of changing leaves and Halloween. Autumn is the best season for enjoying an evening in with a book and a cup of warm cocoa – but it’s also the best season to get off of the couch and go for a run! Most people promise to begin their exercise regimens sometime after the ball drops on New Year’s, but I firmly believe that fall is the best time to build a lasting fitness program.


The weather is ideal.

Everyone needs a break from the treadmill and smelly gym atmosphere once in a while. Outdoor runners have the chance to take in the changing leaves and enjoy the crisp fall air without worrying about overheating. The brisk fall air prevents outdoor runners from sweating through the clothes, and the mild weather presents an excellent fitness opportunity for those interested in hiking, paddling, or biking.


Gyms are quiet.

If you do prefer the gym, you’re in luck; attendance plummets in the fall season. With the holidays on the horizon and summer freedom firmly in the rearview mirror, few feel motivated enough to keep up a regular gym practice. Gone are the days of sprinting to the elliptical row to claim a machine and being ordered off a treadmill after thirty minutes – you can exercise however long you like with little competition!


It’s easier to set a routine.

During the fall, most schedules are fairly static and lend themselves well to a routine. Adding in a few trips to the gym is usually relatively easy and provides you with a chance to get into the habit of exercising regularly. With any luck, the patterns you set in autumn will hold through the winter and into the years to come!


You can take preemptive action against holiday binging.

Who doesn’t eat an entire bucket of candy in October or two heaping plates on Thanksgiving? The fall months offer ample opportunities to overeat, and those holiday indulgences aren’t all that bad if balanced out by an otherwise healthy diet. That said, regular trips to the gym will help prevent you from gaining weight you might otherwise put on in the holiday season.


Exercise classes start in the fall.

Why not kick off the fall with an exercise class? Many gyms and athletic facilities have seasonal offerings. Take advantage; for all you know, you might find something you love!