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Not everyone enjoys exercising, but staying fit is still a key component to overall good health. There are plenty of fitness activities that differ from conventional exercise and are perfect for people who consider themselves to be non-athletic.

Hiking is an excellent fitness activity that allows participants to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while getting some much-needed exercise. Many hikers don’t even realize how many calories they’re burning. Not to mention the leg muscles they’re strengthening because they’re too busy enjoying the experience. Mountain trails and other wilderness spaces offer the perfect places to go hiking.

Whether it be salsa, ballroom, or another style of dance, some people can burn up to 517 calories in 30 minutes by simply moving their bodies to the music. Dancing is a fantastic alternative to conventional exercise because many people consider it to be a recreational activity that often takes place at parties and nightclubs. Many gyms and dance studios offer classes that teach the proper techniques of many dances that are both fun and invigorating.

Rock Climbing
This fitness activity can sometimes feel more like a game than an exercise. People who are afraid to climb a real rock in the wilderness can visit a local facility that features a “rock” wall complete with stepping stones and safety harnesses. The goal is to reach the top without coming off the wall. The rush of adrenaline from climbing often makes climbers forget how well this activity strengthens the leg, arm, and abdominal muscles along with the cardiovascular system.

Dietary Considerations
Getting fit isn’t just about exercising, and people who hate exercise can improve their fitness dramatically by merely adopting better dietary habits. Foods that are rich in essential vitamins, protein, and good carbohydrates should be part of a healthy diet unless medical-dietary provisions limit the intake of certain foods. Processed foods containing high amounts of refined sugars, saturated fats, and cholesterol should be avoided whenever possible.

Non-athletic people can still make great strides in improving their fitness by taking part in unconventional exercises and eating better. By making these positive changes, anyone can change their life for the better without having to become an elite athlete to achieve their health and fitness goals.