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We all know the numerous benefits of working out regularly. But, some days there’s just no time to fit in an hour-long workout at the gym. Instead of throwing away the whole exercise idea, there are some small changes you can make that will help you incorporate fitness into your busy schedule.


Do the inconvenient

Park in the farthest spot from the grocery store. Take the stairs up to your fourth-floor office. Get off the subway one stop early and walk the extra few blocks. While these are little changes, they do have an impact on your overall health. Any kind of exercise you can squeeze in is good.


Sign up for an exercise class

If you only have 45 minutes to spare twice a week, an exercise class is a great option. It forces you to be accountable and it’s lead by an instructor who knows exactly how to make the most out of a workout. It will cut out all the time you waste at the gym waiting for a certain machine to be free, or finding the perfect workout playlist.


Something over nothing

If you can only find ten minutes of your day to exercise, take it! Don’t fall into the assumption that exercise is all or nothing. There are plenty of effective, full-body workouts that you can do in ten minutes. Your body will thank you for the time spent on exercise, and your mind will as well. Exercise is a great way to release stress.


Hold walking meetings

Take your work meetings outside. Instead of sitting in a conference room, walk around the block a few times while you discuss the matters at hand. Even a short walk is enough to get your heart rate up. Plus, it gives you a chance to soak up a little bit of the sunshine that you miss when working inside all day.


Include your friends

If you’ve been meaning to catch up with some old friends, suggest taking a walk in the park or visiting a museum instead of grabbing drinks. Research shows working out with a partner actually makes you work out harder and longer. You’ll be helping yourself and helping out your friend.