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Fitness is a continually changing and involving industry. As new technology and scientific research work their way into the exercise and health world, we can improve the efficiency of our workouts. We’ve discovered fitness systems that are more efficient than any previously devised. These systems can deliver record-breaking results. So far, in 2019, some significant changes have taken place that are revolutionizing how people stay in shape.

Wearable Technology
Right now, wearable technology is the latest innovative trend. Heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, and fitness trackers are all more integrated into people’s daily fitness routines than at any time prior. Since 2016 wearable technology has been growing in popularity. Experts believe that as technology advances, upwards of 93% of fitness participants will be using some form of wearable technology.

Group Fitness
Solo fitness routines are no longer trending this year, but the popularity of group fitness is exploding. For anyone unfamiliar with group fitness, it is the practice of taking a group of 4-6 individuals and engaging in a rigorous collective exercise routine. The benefit of group exercise is that people within the group can motivate and inspire each other to achieve their fitness goals.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
In 2018 high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exploded onto the fitness scene. The whole premise of this type of exercise is to workout intensely over short 30 minute periods and then rest for an equal length of time. This type of workout can be done in a person’s living room, in the gym, or out in the backyard on a sunny day.

Senior Citizen Fitness Programs
This year has seen the emergence of a wide variety of fitness programs that cater specifically to senior citizens and older adults. Older people have far different fitness needs than a much younger person. Senior fitness programs are very similar to physical therapy programs, as they typically seek to strengthen joints, relieve arthritic pain, and increase mobility.

Bodyweight Exercises
This year has also ushered in many different bodyweight exercise programs. What is excellent about bodyweight exercises is they can be undertaken pretty much anywhere. Many fitness experts believe that strengthening the body through bodyweight exercises is a far more natural way to exercise. Bodyweight exercises typically put less stress on the joints and are far less likely to cause an injury.